Empowerment is Key to Quality Care

Becoming a Mentor

Keyes 2 LifeTo be successful in any field, ambitious leaders require guidance. The time and energy you put into mentoring is more important than ever - and you will get more out of the process than you ever expected.

By sharing the knowledge you've gained through years of experience, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to enrich an apprentice's personal and professional growth. While the intent of your role as mentor is to challenge the student to learn and grow, your student is not the only one who will gain from the experience. You will feel a sense of enrichment and will probably learn as much as you teach.

As a mentor, you can help prepare your protege for a professional career and strengthen and expand their skills. You will be able to provide information, advice and be a good example for your mentee, helping them become a better employee in the long run. Studies show that a successful mentoring process pays off for both the teacher and the student.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a mentor, contact us at Keyes2Life today. We'll be happy to help you mentor a person who is new to the nursing and home care field.