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“Success is a pathway, not a destination.” – Unknown

This is a quote which is often repeated, however, the key word, “Pathway”, is rarely the focus and is often overlooked. Success has a million definitions and is often misinterpreted by the ultimate outcome or lack there of, when in fact this is the least pertinent factor of all.



“You cannot travel on the path before you have become the path itself.” – Buddha vs. Blavatsky

I am not sure who the credit goes to for this quote, but understanding its meaning is essential nonetheless!

Ambition, dreams, and desires mean absolutely nothing if you do not prepare yourself for the journey. Becoming one with the path does not mean knowing every single detail or event that will be revealed along the way. Rather, it is preparing your mind, body and spirit to endure all that may lie ahead. It is understanding deeply who you are, what you are capable of, what you are willing to endure, and the tools required to do so. Your mental fortitude must be stronger than your physical strength in order to carry you through when your body has dissolved its stores of energy. Only then can you can move ahead on the path, welcoming the challenges ahead. This is the only way to both reach success and ultimately conquer it. (more…)

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