Empowerment is Key to Quality Care

High School Volunteering Opportunities

High School ClassCommunity service for teens is often a requirement for graduating high school and it's a great way for students to build their resumes and skill sets. But more importantly, volunteer work for high school students can be a valuable tool to expand their life experiences and develop meaningful relationships.

Students who volunteer get a better understanding for real world scenarios, for example: the hours needed and the social skills required to perform a job. Colleges and medical schools look favorably on students who take initiative. Many college admissions officers believe relevant volunteer work involving patient contact is one of the best foundations for medical school.

Keyes2Life is proud to give qualified high school students the opportunity to work in the home care and nursing field. Students will gain valuable experience, while creating relationships with clients and peers, that will last a lifetime.

Contact Keyes2Life for more information on becoming a volunteer and beginning your career in nursing and home care.