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Ostomy Care

Keyes 2 LifeOur goal of ostomy care is to aid patients and their families with proper ostomy care so a high quality of life can resume after surgery. If cared for properly, and following medical advice and suggestions, most patients can take part in everyday life with little to no problems.

Ostomy surgery (creating an opening from the inside of the body to the outside) is sometimes necessary for many people living with kidney or urinary or digestive deseases.

There are several types of ostomy:

  • Ileostomy involves the small intestine and bypasses the colon, rectum and anus
  • Colostomy involves the colon and bypasses the rectum and the anus
  • Urostomy involves the urinary system and bypasses the bladder

Whether you are a ostomy surgery patient or are transitioning home from the hospital or rehabilitating after surgery, the qualified Keyes2Life care team will work closely with your physicians to create a plan of care that meets your needs and goals.

Keyes2 Life Ostomy Care Services Include:

  • Emptying the ostomy pouch when necessary
  • Regularly replacing the pouching system
  • Accurately measuring the stoma for size when inserting a new system
  • Skin care to avoid irritation
  • Irrigation
  • Diet, exercise and medication modifications