Empowerment is Key to Quality Care


Geri Zanzola

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Keyes. My mother was treated by Dr. Keyes and she has been the best doctor. Anyone under her care is receiving a doctor who is passionate and truly cares about all of her patients. I have nothing but praise for her.

Mirycal Thurman

My name is Mirycal Thurmon, I am a Computer Science major at Tennessee State University. As you all know college is very expensive, so I am extremely grateful for The Keyes2Life Scholarship donation. Dr. Keyes is not only an incredible doctor she is a phenomenal role model. I am inspired by both her dedication and accomplishments.

Tabitha Perez

Dr. Keyes is very invested in the total student. She aims to teach not only the coursework but the application of it also. That fact alone, in my own opinion, speaks volumes of the person that she is. If there is an extra mile to be gone, she is traveling it. She is invested. And that alone speaks to the person she is. She is always looking for ways to give back. Dr. Keyes roots for you when you don't know how to root for yourself. She is an academic with a heart.

Brandy Stockton

I have to say that Dr. Corpia Keyes is the most caring, compassionate health care provider I have ever met. No question is too big or too small - she spends as much time answering your questions as YOU need. My father has recently had a stroke and I had questions, concerns, and needed guidance. Dr. Keyes' reassuring demeanor, attention to detail, and kindness allowed me to focus and move forward with a treatment plan with confidence.

John Kadubec

Dr. Corpia Keyes defines outstanding, caring and thorough health care. She is vested in each and every patient. It was through her detailed review of my case, and the time she took with my family, that I was diagnosed and provided the care I needed when time was of the essence. In addition her ongoing compassion has helped guide my recovery. I am confident the Keyes2Life organization will raise the standards for health care and continue to exceed the expectations of every single patient.